Wholesale Inquiries FAQ


Q: Do you work with wholesale clients?

    A: Yes, we do! Please review that below and if you have any more questions, please get in touch with us and we can discuss further.

    Q: Do you sell direct or through a distributor?

      A: All of our sales are made directly to the consumer. Please keep reading for more information.

      Q: What is your shipping method and lead time?

        A: Our lead time is typically 3-6 weeks depending on the order size and complexity. Free shipping is offered on orders over $3500 USD, and on top of that, we will always use the cheapest shipping we can find for you.

        Q: Can you please send over your wholesale price sheet? Thank you!

          A: We actually work a bit differently. Wholesale includes a 50% discount for a minimum 15 pieces. As you know, Alexis’ pieces are one of a kind. The way she works with her e-tailers and retailers is that she’ll create a collection with you in mind and present it to you. You can then choose to purchase the collection if you love it, or you can pass and she will sell it on her own channels. 

          Q: Can I select a custom collection?

          A: There is an option to work together on a custom collection, with a minimum of 25 pieces purchased.